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Protecting communities starts with better tools

Sentropy is a technology company that builds societal infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size - from startup communities of a few thousand to the largest forums on the web - use our software to protect their users and their brands from abuse, harassment, and malicious content.

Built for community managers

Our platform was meticulously designed and built to optimize detection, investigation, and moderation by providing community managers with highly actionable data intelligence.

Data-driven moderation

By putting data at the center of everything we build, Sentropy powers better detection, improves moderation consistency, and delivers unique analysis, reporting, and audit capabilities.

Easily deployable

Our documentation contains everything a business needs to integrate Sentropy into existing infrastructure and moderation workflows.

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Meet our team

Dev Bala

VP of Product Management

Michele Banko

Chief Technology Officer

Brandon Bevans

Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer

Ethan Breder

Head of Platform and Infrastructure

Isaac Fast

Business Development

Mike Gomez

Business Development

Ian Lin

Backend Software Engineer

Lucy Lin

Machine Learning Engineering Intern

Brendon MacKeen

Data Analyst

Nix Maasdorp

Product Marketing Manager

Emma Peng

Machine Learning Engineer

Sean Pyne

Implementation Engineer

Laurie Ray

Data Analyst

John Redgrave

Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Rhyne

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Riddle

Full Stack Software Engineer

Shahin Saneinejad

Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer

Vikas Venugopal

Product Management Intern

Alex Wang

Machine Learning Engineer

Cindy Wang

Machine Learning Engineer